SEO Tips to boost you Website Ranking on Google

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Published: 08th May 2020
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Everyone wants his site to go number one in Google must follow some SEO Tips to allow him rank high. With billions of web pages on the internet, some web masters think it is difficult to rank high. Actually, Google sort sites by relevance giving one word or phrase. Their algorithm is secret but some SEO tips are still known that help ranking higher in Google.

The first SEO tip to consider is the content .many SEO experts and internet marketers say the well known phrase that content is king. So the first thing that you must do is to place relevant content to the main subject of your site that is informative and unique. Content is the basic thing for improving the SEO of the site. Althougth the site design and the Meta tags can help improving the SEO of the site, we must treat the content as number one in improving the SEO.

When writing the content, we must avoid writing important text in the site with flashes or javascript. This is because those two elements are not recognized by the search engines or not readable. The spiders cannot read them and will not have any value in improving the rank. The second tip for writing SEO content is to take care of the main keywords in the page and repeat them continuously along the overall page. This will tell Google that the main subject of your page is about those keywords.

The second SEO tip to rank high on Google is to place the Meta tags properly. Basically, there are three Meta tags: the title, description, and keyword tags. The most important of this is the title tag. This tag is used by all search engines to identify what the page is about and to display it to the users when they type results. You must take care of this tag so. This tag begins with the tag in the HTML code. You must place the main keywords of the page into it. The description tag is also important and considered as a basic SEO tip although may not be so important for Google but basically, it must have also the main keywords in the page. The reason that this tag may not be too much important for Google is that Google inspects the whole page for relevancy with the typed keywords. If the tag is not included, Google will inspect the Body text for the typed keywords. This also led to conclude that the keywords tag is totally useless with Google and all major search engines. This is because it is subject to spam by webmaster because it can have keywords that are not part of the page.The third tip for Google SEO is the header tags. These tags are defined in HTML as H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6. The number one corresponds to the major title while the the number six correspond to the minor title on the page. These tags are weighted high on Google and if the desired keywords are placed in these tags, they will be weighted higher and increase the ranking on Google. The fourth SEO tip for higher Google ranking is to write valid HTML code. This help to boost your ranking on Google. Many sites may have the HTML code not written correctly which is a poor SEO practice. The final and most important SEO tip is the concept of backlinks. The backlink definition from the point of view of the search engines or as seen by the search engines is like votes to a given page. If your page is actually concentrated on speaking about certain topic and have your keywords optimized on this page, it may not be ranked high on Google. The reason for that is that it lacks backlinks from other sites. This is very important for SEO and is considered as equally important as optimizing the content. When building the backlink, you must consider however the anchor text included in the link. The anchor text is the keywords that the visitor clicks on it to navigate to the page. Those keywords must have the main keywords in the page to get better SEO results and higher ranking on Google. Following the proper backlinking for your pages will get certainly higher ranking on Google and better SEO results on the other search engines.

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